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hypoallergenic soap

The hypoallergenic soaps are designed to protect and care for your skin the best way. They can be used for hands, body, hair or face. You can find them in pill, liquid soap, gel or shampoo.

Surely the doctor has recommended that you use the best hypoallergenic products. The difference between ordinary soaps and non allergenic soaps is that the latter has been tested in laboratories to ensure they are as respectful as possible with our skin or that of our baby. Below are the properties of best hypoallergenic soaps, as well as the conditions that we can suffer from the use of an inappropriate soap.

What Is a Hypoallergenic Soap?

The hypoallergenic soap is a type of soap found in the laboratory. The cleaning effectiveness is the same as regular soap. These soaps are of neutral pH designed for people with sensitive skin. They are ideal for people with atopic skin or who suffer some type of allergy. But its use is recommended for all kinds of people who want to take care of their skin since dermatitis appears from one day to the next based on exposing the skin to harmful substances. The hypoallergenic soap is soft and neutral for the skin. Its formulation and interaction with the skin check in laboratories eliminating the components that statistically cause dermatitis or any alteration in the skin, therefore, produce less allergic reactions and skin problems to those who use it. Therefore, it is said that they are soaps for allergy or antiallergic. Understanding as anti allergic any adverse reaction in our skin.

What Are Hypoallergenic Soaps For?

The allergy free soaps serve to take care of the skin and help it to not suffer any alteration in it. The possible reasons for using a hypoallergenic soap can be:

  • Skin with few defenses: For example, the skin of a newborn.
  • Skin sensitive to changes in pH and dryness: People with atopic skin or irritant contact dermatitis.
  • Skin with allergic contact dermatitis: Caused by the contact of the skin with a substance of the soap formulation that causes allergy.
  • To prevent skin problems: Dermatitis does not usually appear at the first exposure of the product to the skin. Our skin may be prone to suffer the ailment, but it may not appear immediately. Problems with the skin usually appear with prolonged exposure to the substance. Without warning, and from one day to the next, we develop dermatitis, and it is already with us the rest of our days. Therefore, if we are exposed to anti-allergic soaps, we will mostly avoid developing the ailment.

What Is Soap Allergy?

The skin is our protective layer against external agents that attack us. Any alteration of it causes dermatitis. The symptoms of dermatitis are:

  • Redness in the skin
  • Inflammation in the skin
  • Pain in that area of the skin

When our skin, by continuous contact with some material, reacts by developing an allergy, then we can say that allergic contact dermatitis is suffered. This type of allergy is regularly caused by:

  • Adhesives in strips, plasters, wigs, false eyelashes and stickers
  • Antibiotics rubbed on the skin
  • Fabrics and clothing (including temples and materials)
  • Fragrances in cosmetics, soaps, detergents, softeners, perfumes, and creams
  • Nail polishes, hair dyes, and solutions for permanent curls
  • Nickel and other metals used in jewelry, lipstick cases, and compact makeup powders, zippers, buttons, brassieres…
  • Gloves and shoes made of latex or rubber

Do not confuse symptoms with irritant contact dermatitis that is not considered to be caused by an allergy. This is usually the most common and usually suffer from people with atopic skin. That is, people with atopic skin are more likely to develop this type of dermatitis. This ailment is caused by contact with irritating substances or frictions. This irritant contact dermatitis is usually caused by:

  • Detergents
  • Soaps
  • Shampoos
  • Softeners
  • Hair dye

What Is a Neutral Soap?

A neutral soap is one that does not contain dyes, perfumes, chemicals, and its pH is very similar to the pH of the skin which is 5.5. This type of soaps with neutral pH is highly recommended for people with atopic skin, allergic and even with sensitive skin. All hypoallergenic soaps have a neutral pH. By having the same pH as the skin allows us to use it daily without affecting our skin that is sensitive to changes in pH. We will avoid the appearance of eczema and dermatitis.

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